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      Featured Flavors  
Every week we feature four new flavors on our menu.  These flavors range from seasonal favorites to flavors inspired by our customers ideas, collaborations with local businesses and our own inspirations. Please check our Facebook page for our weekly featured flavors!   

 Classic Cupcake Menu

   The below flavors are available daily in our store. 

Oh My Gosh Ganache  
 Our signature cupcake! Decadent chocolate cake 
filled with vanilla cream and topped with chocolate
 ganache frosting.

  Lemon Velvet 
Ultra moist lemon cake, infused with lemon glaze and 
topped off with lemon butter cream

  Red Velvet  
Delicious deep red cake topped 
      with cream cheese buttercream frosting

  Carrot Cake
Shredded carrots, cinnamon, and 
      other spices make this cake moist and delicious, 
      topped with cream cheese buttercream frosting 
      and a mini icing carrot

  Cookies n' Creme
              Moist vanilla cake infused with crushed Oreos, 
filled with vanilla cream, 
and topped with Oreo butter cream

  Peanut Butter 
Moist and light yellow or 
      chocolate cake topped with creamy peanut butter
      frosting, topped with a mini peanut butter cup  

  Vanilla Thrilla 
Delicate and moist, this white
      cake is topped with whipped vanilla
      buttercream frosting

Rich deep chocolate cake topped with
      vanilla butter cream frosting and drizzled with
      chocolate ganache

Old Fashioned 
Rich chocolate cake, 
      topped with a creamy chocolate buttercream frosting 

Think Pink

Moist delicate vanilla cake topped
      with strawberry buttercream frosting